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June 8, 1944
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Boz Scaggs Bio

Boz Scaggs is a singer-songwriter who was born on June 8th 1944 in Ohio, USA. When he was just fifteen, Boz was a vocalist in Steve Miller’s band. Boz met his bandmate during grade school and they played together throughout college. 

Boz is a Grammy award winning singer and songwriter with a hit single called Lido Shuffle. This song was released in 1976. The music genres under which he sings, are the Blue eyed soul and soft rock genre. 

In 2014, Boz went on a tour with Donald Fagen, Michael McDonald, and the Dukes of Sept. This tour was to honor their R&B and soul music that inspired them. Boz won a grammy award in 1976 for his single Lowdown. In 2015, his album A fool to care and in 2018, his album Out of the blues won the award for favorite albums.

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