Dan Carlin








November 14, 1965
Author, Film and TV, Politician

Dan Carlin is an American podcaster and digital content creator best known for his political and social commentary. He was born in the United States on November 14, 1965.

Dan began his career in media as a news reporter, but he has since become known for his political and social commentary on his podcast and social media. He has hosted the podcasts Common Sense and Hardcore History, and he shares videos of his vlogs on YouTube. Some of the most popular videos on his YouTube channel are Dan Carlin's Hardcore History 60 The Celtic Holocaust, Dan Carlin's Hardcore History 56 Kings of Kings, Dan Carlin's Hardcore History 62 Supernova in the East 1, and Which Had the Superior Military: First or Second World War Germany.

Dan has also appeared in the podcasts Last Call with Carson Daly and The Joe Rogan Experience.

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