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El Tri Bio

El Tri is a rock band from Mexico City, Mexico. The bank was formed in 1968 and has had a huge influence on the development of rock music in Mexico. Their unique sound has touched on different genres of music, including acoustic rock, psychedelic rock, blues-rock, hard rock, and blues. The band started out as Three Souls in My Mind, after which it was split, and El Tri was formed. In 1971, Three Souls in My Mind played in front of a large audience at the Avendano Festival, also known as Mexican Woodstock.

In 1985, El Tri achieved gold certification with their studio album “Simplemente el Tri”. The album featured the hit singles “Vicioso del Rocanrol” and “Triste Cancion de Amor”. After performing at a Hispanic rock festival in Madrid, Spain, the band went on a tour in the United States. Their discography includes live albums recorded in Mexico City, Hollywood’s Palladium, and Santa Martha. They released “Sinfónico, Vol. 2” to mark their 33rd anniversary.

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