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August 31, 1957
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Gina Schock Bio

Regina Ann Schock, better known as Gina Schock, is an American drummer and musician best known as the drummer of the rock band The Go-Go's. She was born in Baltimore, Maryland, United States, on August 31, 1957. 

Schock is best known as the drummer for the legendary all-female rock band, The Go-Go's, which also features Charlotte Caffey, Belinda Carlisle, Kathy Valentine, and Jane Wiedlin. She joined the band in 1980 and quickly became an integral part of their sound. Her discography with the group includes the hit singles We Got The Beat, Our Lips Are Sealed, Vacation, Head Over Heals, How Much More, and the albums God Bless the Go-Go's, Beauty and the Beat, and Talk Show.

Schock's drumming style is characterized by its energetic and powerful beats, which have helped to shape the sound of The Go-Go's and influence the music of countless other bands. In addition to her work with The Go-Go's, Schock has also played with several other bands and artists, including Edie Brickell & New Bohemians and House of Schock.

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