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Lyra Pramuk Bio

Hailing from Berlin, Germany, Lyra Pramuk is a renowned German singer and songwriter, celebrated for her captivating blend of indie and alternative music.

Embarking on her musical journey in 2017, she swiftly made waves with the release of her debut single "Elevate," marking the inception of a promising career. In 2020, Pramuk unveiled her highly anticipated debut album, "Fountain," which garnered widespread acclaim from audiences and critics alike. Notably, the album's single, "Tendril," soared to prominence, amassing millions of streams across diverse digital platforms. Expanding her repertoire, Pramuk has since enriched the music landscape with an array of compelling singles including "Knot of Spirit," "New Moon," "Witness," "Mirror," and "Xeno," each showcasing her distinctive artistry and emotive prowess.

Pramuk's musical contributions extend beyond her solo endeavors; her work has been prominently featured in the album "Prsnt," a collaborative effort alongside esteemed artists Laurie Spiegel and Chassol, further solidifying her position as a pivotal figure in contemporary music.

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