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May 1, 1996
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Merlyn Wood Bio

California based rapper, William Anku Kara Mawuli Andoh Wood Jr, better known as Merlyn Wood, was born on 1st May 1996 in Ghana but grew up in Austin, Texas. It was during his years in boarding school that he developed an interest in music and also learned to play the saxophone. With a lot of pressure from his family to succeed in his career, he moved to California to explore his options in the music industry. He was accompanied by his friends from Austin, Texas, who then went on to become the members of his band, ‘Brockhampton’. Merlyn rose to fame as the energetic and dynamic vocalist of the band. In 2016, the band released its first album ‘All American Trash’. This was followed by ‘Saturation’ which was released in three parts.Merlyn Wood has also released several albums as a solo artist. This includes ‘Fye’, ‘Lazy Wood’, ‘Culdesac’, ‘Forget Me Not’, ‘SYK’, ‘Green Light’ and ‘One of Us’.  Covering serious topics like poverty and racism in his music and with the playful layer of his performance style, Wood is one of the most captivating artists in his genre.

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