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NiNE8 Collective Bio

Nine8 Collective is a London-based alternate pop group, known for their radicalism, stoic flows, and up-tempo beats. The group comprising Biig Piig, Lava La Rue, Williams, LorenzoRSV, Nige, Nayana, and some other members, have toured different parts of England and performed in festivals.

Many music fans are left puzzled by the togetherness of this group, despite their different backgrounds. In an interview with the Guardian, the group swore never to split like the groups formed before them even when their solo careers take off.

The group came to light in 2019 when Ava Laurel (Lava La Rue) met Jess Smyth (Biig Piig) and Lloyd Macdonald (Mac Wetha) at Kingston College, South West London. Their teacher failed to show up for their class, so they hung out in the smoking area. Soon, they discovered they had a musical connection. The name “Nine8” was created from the year Laurel and Smyth were born.  

Nine8 has released several albums since their formation, such as “Cold Hands,” “FVR105,” “No Smoke,” etc. Some of their popular tracks include; “Imagination,” “Luv U Do,” “Power,” “Take Off,” and “Hush Hush.”

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