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Ride Bio

Ride is an English rock band formed in Oxford, England in 1988. The members of the band are Mark Gardener on vocals and rhythm guitar, Andy Bell on vocals, lead guitar, and keyboards, Steve Queralt on bass guitar, and Laurence Colbert on drums. Their album Nowhere is thought to be one of the most important albums in the shoegazing genre. The band was formed when the members were all attending college in Oxford, England. After forming they produced a demo that contained the songs “Drive Blind” and “Chelsea Girl.” In 1989 they were signed to the label Creation records and released their debut studio album in 1990 titled Nowhere. The album charted at number 11 on the UK Albums chart and was certified Silver in the UK. They have since released the studio albums, Going Blank Again, Carnival of Light, Tarantula, Weather Diaries, and This Is Not a Safe Place. They have also released the EPs, compilation albums, and live albums; Smile Kaleidoscope, Grasshopper, Cosmic Carnival, Live Light, Ride (Box Set), OX4 The Best of Ride, Firing Blanks Unreleased Ride Recordings, Live Reading Festival 1992, Waves, and Tomorrow’s Shore.

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