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July 16, 1948
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Rubén Blades Bio

Rubén Blades is a Panamanian singer, songwriter, actor, and politician, born in Panama City, Panama on July 16, 1948. He released his debut studio album in 1970 titled De Panama a New York and has since released the albums The Good, the Bad, the Ugly, Siembra, The Last Fight, Doble Filo, Escenas, Crossover Dreams, Nothing But the Truth, Agua de Luna, El Que la Hace la Paga, Almost Like Praying, Son de Panama, Tangos, Cali Concert Ganas, Mundo, Tiempos, Rosa de los Vientos, Amor y Control and many more. His music is generally Afro-Cuban, Latin Jazz, and salsa genres. He has written dozens of hit songs and has won eight Grammy Awards and five Latin Grammy Awards. He made his debut in film in 1983 in the movie The Last Fight and continued landing roles in the films Crossover Dreams, Critical Condition, Homeboy, Fatal Beauty, The Two Jakes, Predator 2, Life with Mikey, Color of Night, A Million to Juan and others. In 1989 he landed his debut role on a television show in the series Cinemax Sessions and has also had roles in the shows X-Files, Gideon’s Crossing, Resurrection Blvd., and Fear the Walking Dead.

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