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April 3, 1997
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Savannah Cristina Bio

Savannah Cristina is an American singer born on 3rd April 1997 in Miami, Florida. She attracted attention in 2019 when her performance of the song “Self Care” went viral on YouTube. Growing up, Cristina had a passion for singing. She signed with TheNuMiami, LLC, in 2016, which uploaded her first single, titled “Spend it on Me,” on SoundCloud. In 2018, she released “Florida Girl.” The following year, she signed with Dollaz and Dealz.

Cristina filmed the “Self Care” video on a local beach. The video gained more than 6 million views. She said she was motivated to release the video as it made her feel like she was neglecting her feelings as a woman and person. After releasing the single “What You Won’t Do,” she was approached by Warner Records, who signed her in January 2020. In October 2020, she released her major-label debut, “Self Care.”

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