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The Felice Brothers donates money and support many charities including: Knitting and Crocheting.

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The list of Causes that The Felice Brothers supports include Children.

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Music, Rock

The Felice Brothers are a folk band from Palenville, New York formed in 2006 by Ian Felice (lead vocals, piano, guitar), James Felice (accordion, piano, organ), Josh “Christmas Clapton” Rawson (bass), and Dave Turbeville (drums, vocals). After moving to New York City, the band recorded two lo-fi albums “Through These Reigns and Gone” and “Tonight at the Arizona” before releasing a self-titled LP with Team Love Records in 2008. The band toured the following year, making an appearance at the Newport Folk Festival, and released full length “Yonder is the Clock”. The Brothers then toured with the Dave Matthews Band and underwent some lineup changes before releasing “Celebration, Florida” (2011) and “Favorite Waitress” (2014) with Dualtone Music and Fat Possum Records, respectively. By their 2019 full-length album “Undress”, the lineup consisted of brothers Ian and James, along with drummer Will Lawrence and bassist Jesske Hume.

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