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The Gazette Bio

The Gazette (popularly called Gazetto or “The GazettE”) is a Japanese musical group formed in 2002 in Kanagawa, Japan. The group is made up of Shiroyama Yuu (aka G. Aoi) the guitarist, Tanabe Yutaka (aka DR. Kai) the drummer, Takashima Kouyou (aka G. Uruha) a guitarist, Suzuki Akira (aka B. Reita) the bassist, and Matsumoto Takayuki (aka VO. Ruki) who does vocals. 

The Gazette surpassed Kagrra, Miyavi, and Alice Nine to become the biggest and visual kei band in the world. Even though their first label Matina collapsed in 2003 Gazette’s first single Wakaremichi released on April 30th, 2002 was so good and generated so much buzz that they got a deal with the PS label company which gave them a lot of stability. They released five mini-albums in March 2004 and Madara (the fifth mini-album) reached number 2 on the Indie charts and gave them live performances including collaborations with D'espairsRay, Mucc, Miyavi, and Merry. Since then they’ve gone on to release a number of successful albums and songs that helped establish their fame.

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