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5 Billion In Diamonds Bio

5 Billion In Diamonds is a multinational musical ensemble renowned for their eclectic sound and dynamic performances.

Founded in 2017, the group comprises distinguished American producer and drummer Butch Vig, alongside British producers Andy Jenks and DJ James Grillo. With a vision rooted in the concept of crafting a sonic backdrop for an imaginary '60s cult-classic B-movie, their collaboration has yielded remarkable creative synergy. Their debut single "Gravity Rules" marked the inception of their musical journey, swiftly followed by the release of their self-titled debut album, "5 Billion in Diamonds," in the same year. The band's meteoric rise to prominence was propelled by the success of "Gravity Rules," captivating audiences worldwide with its infectious energy and innovative sound.

Throughout their career, 5 Billion In Diamonds has continued to captivate audiences with their distinctive blend of musical influences, showcased in singles like "Travelling," "Where the Moonbeams Are," and "Broken Wing," as well as their acclaimed album "Divine Accidents."

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