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July 1, 1956
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Alan Ruck Bio

Alan Ruck is an American actor born in Cleveland, Ohio on July 1, 1956. He is best known for his roles in the film Ferris Bueller’s Day Off and the  ABC sitcom Spin City. In 1979 he received his B.F.A. in Drama from the University of Illinois. He made his debut on Broadway in 1985 in the play Biloxi Blues written by Neil Simon and continued acting at theaters around the United States. In 1983 he landed his first role in a film in the movie Bad Boys and continued landing roles in films like Class, Three for the Road, Shooter, Speed, Twister, Three Fugitives, Ghost Town, The Happening, Extraordinary Measures, Goats, Shanghai Calling, Dreamland, Gringo and others. He landed his debut role on television in 1989 in the show The Famous Teddy Z. He has also had roles in shows like Going Places, Muscle, Mad About You, Spin City, Greek, Psych, Boston Legal, Justified, NCIS and many more. In 2012 he won a Jury Award at the Magnolia Independent Film Festival for his role in the film Close-Up.

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