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Aodhan Bio

Aidan Whitehall, commonly known by his stage name Aodhan, is a distinguished Australian singer and songwriter acclaimed for his captivating blend of alternative rock and indie pop music.

Aodhan began his musical journey in the late 2010s, and he swiftly garnered attention with his soul-stirring compositions. In 2019, Aodhan marked his debut with the release of the poignant single "Love Is Hard to Write About," setting a precedent for his evocative lyricism and melodic prowess. The following year, his track "Drive" secured the 13th spot on the prestigious AU Review's 'Top 40 Best Australian Tracks of 2020,' further solidifying his status as a rising star in the Australian music scene.

In 2021, Aodhan unveiled his inaugural studio project, the EP titled "Flies In My Room," captivating listeners with its introspective narratives and infectious melodies. His extensive discography boasts an array of mesmerizing singles, including "Butterflies," "I’m Closed," "Empty Spaces," "Twelve Again," "When Your Eyes Speak," and "Daily Meditation," along with the notable EP "Dwelling."

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