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Car Seat Headrest Bio

Car Seat Headrest is an American indie rock band formed in Leesburg, Virginia in 2010. The band’s members are Will Toledo on vocals, guitar, and piano, Ethan Ives on guitar, bass, and backing vocals, Seth Dalby on bass, and Andrew Katz on drums and percussion. The band started as a solo project of the singer and songwriter Will Toledo after graduating high school. He released the first six albums under the name Car Seat Headrest on his own. He released his first album in 2010 titled 1 and released a number of other albums before looking for bandmates. Some of the albums he released include 2, 3, 4, My Back is Killing Me, Twin Fantasy, and Monomania. Toledo released the albums independently on the music platform Bandcamp. In 2015 he signed with the record label Matador Records and recruited several musicians to join the band. They released the albums Teens of Style, Teens of Denial, and Twin Fantasy (Face to Face) with the label Matador Records. In 2016 they started touring and performing songs from their 2016 album, Teens of Denial.

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