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Cash Cash Bio

EDM trio Cash Cash originated from New Jersey and are comprised of brothers Jean Paul and Alex Makhlouf as well as Samuel Frisch. Originally, Jean Paul Makhlouf and Sam Frisch had formed a duo known as The Consequence back in 2002, and together had released three albums. Yet in 2008, they took on Alex Makhlouf and began performing under the name Cash Cash. Their first EP released through Universal Republic Records went to #24 on the Billboard Heatseekers chart, and they would later tour in 2008 with bands such as Metro Station, Boys Like Girls, the White Tie Affair, and more. Cash Cash eventually released their debut album Take it to the Floor in 2008, which went to the #31 spot on the US Heatseekers chart, followed by the albums Love or Lust in 2011 and The Beat Goes on in 2012.

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