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April 21, 1980
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Chris Mason Bio

Christopher Richard Mason, widely recognized as Chris Mason, is an esteemed English journalist celebrated for his insightful political reporting. He was born in Steeton with Eastburn, West Yorkshire, England, on April 21, 1980.

Launching his career as a trainee in broadcast journalism at ITN, Mason swiftly ascended the ranks of journalistic excellence. In 2002, he transitioned to the regional arm of the BBC, marking the initiation of a prolific phase in his career. His remarkable trajectory continued as he assumed the role of Europe correspondent, demonstrating his prowess in international affairs. In 2012, Mason embraced the responsibility of political correspondent for BBC News, distinguishing himself as a trusted voice in political journalism. His compelling presence has graced esteemed shows such as BBC World News, Politics Live, BBC News at 9, Sunday AM, and Good Morning Britain. However, Mason's pinnacle of recognition comes from his dedicated reporting on the influential show Newscast, where he collaborates with stalwarts Adam Fleming and Laura Kuenssberg.

Beyond television, Mason has made significant contributions to radio, participating in programs like The Country vs the City and the venerable BBC Radio 4 debate series Any Questions.

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