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August 7, 1983
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Christian Chávez Bio

José Christian Chávez Garza, better known as Christian Chávez, is a singer, songwriter, and actor born on August 7, 1983, in Reynosa, Tamaulipas, Mexico. He first became known for appearing in the telenovela Clase 406 as the character Fernando “Fercho” Lucena or. After the wrapping of Clase 406, Chávez starred in the telenovela Rebelde. The popularity of the series led to the creation of the band RBD, which consists of six of the cast members of Rebelde. With Chávez, the band consists of  Maite Perroni, Dulce María, Anahí, Alfonso Herrera, and Christopher Von Uckermann. RBD quickly gained fame, has toured all over the world and received two Latin Grammy nominations. RBD was active until 2009 and Chávez embarked on a solo career. He released his first album, Almas Transparentes, in 2010. In 2011, Chávez collaborated with Anahí on the single, Libertad, which is often considered as a gay anthem in Latin America. Chávez continues to star in several telenovelas, including Loli's Luck and Rosario Tijeras.

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