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April 27, 1987
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Clare Dunn Bio

Clare Dunn is an American country singer-songwriter, born on April 27, 1987, in Colorado. She is widely known for her 2014 single Cowboy Side of You. She has toured with numerous superstars including Hank Williams Jr. and Keith Urban. Born and raised in Colorado, Dunn started playing music when she attended Nashville’s Belmont University. 

After graduation, she landed a record deal with BMG/Chrysalis, as a songwriter and spent time singing backup, appearing on Luke Bryan’s song Country Girl (Shake It for Me). In 2013, she teamed up with Ben West and wrote her debut song Get Out. Her next song, Cowboy Side of You, landed her a recording contract with Universal Music Group Nashville. In 2015, she released her 5-track debut EP with songs like Move On, and Tuxedo reaching the charts. In 2019, she released the songs Money’s All Gone and Gold to Glitter, culminating with a cover of Elton John’s Step into Christmas. In 2020, she left MCA Nashville and signed with Big Yellow Dog. Shortly after she released the songs Safe Haven, and Salt and Lime which featured in her EP Honestly: A Personal Collection.

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