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April 14, 1989
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Dafina Zeqiri Bio

Dafina Zeqirii is a singer born on 14th April 1989 in Varberg, Sweden. She was born into a family of musicians, as her mother was a singer. In 2007, she performed at Polifest Festival. In 2008 her song Adios” was nominated for the BOOM Award. The following year, she released her first studio album “Knock Down”. Zeqiri has also collaborated with other singers like Blero & Fero-Kay on the song “La Vida Loca” and Capital T & 2po2 on the song “Shume Nalte.”

In 2009, she won the Bets RNB Award in Top Fest 6 with the track “Dua që ta di.” The same year, her clips “Amazing Girl” and “Shumë Larg” were very successful. In 2010, she went to Australia to shoot the music video for her song “Rock This Club”. In 2011, she released her second album, “Just Me”. Her first EP, “King EP” was released in 2017.

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