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June 2, 1955
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Dana Carvey Bio

Dana Carvey was born on June 2, 1955 in Missoula, Montana. His first acting gig came with a small role in a film called Halloween II in 1981. The start of his TV career was in 1982 when he landed a role on a short-lived television show called One of the Boys. After a couple of film and TV gigs under his belt, his big break finally came in 1986 when he starred alongside his long-time idol Kirk Douglas and Burt Lancaster in the film Tough Guys.

Carvey’s comedic chops were an instant hit, which led him to being cast as a member of Saturday Night Live in 1986. He gained fans all over America and this role eventually led to 6 Emmy nominations during his stint. He finally won an Emmy in 1993 for Outstanding Individual Performance in a Variety or Music Program. Building from the momentum gained for his Emmy win, Carvey then went on to host his first HBO stand-up special, Critic’s Choice. In 1996, he starred in his own The Dana Carvey Show, a short-lived primetime variety show. He then took break from show business after his film Master of Disguise in 2002. He recently began his comeback in 2008 when he filmed his second HBO special, Squatting Monkey Tell No Lies.

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