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Dutch Uncles Bio

Dutch Uncles is an indie pop/rock band from Marple, Stockport, England. Members of the band include Duncan Wallis on lead vocals and piano, Peter Broadhead on guitar and marimba, Andy Proudfoot on the drums and Robin Richards on the bass guitar. The band originally began to perform and play together during their college years and in 2008, the boys became Dutch Uncles. In 2009, Dutch Uncles released their self titled debut album with Tapete Records in Germany. Shortly after, the band toured with The Futureheads, Bombay Bicycle Club and dananananaykroyd for the whole 2009. By 2010, the band released a single titled ‘The Ink’ as their UK Debut which led to their signing with London record label Memphis Industries. In 2011, the Dutch Uncles released their second album, ‘Cadenza’ followed by their third album ‘Out of Touch In The Wild’ in 2013. The band toured with Paramore for the summer of 2013 on their European Tour. By 2014, Dutch Uncles was featured in Paramore’s ‘Ain’t It Fun Remixes’ EP with their rendition of Paramore’s hit single, ‘Ain’t It Fun’. In 2015, their fourth album, ‘O Shudder’ arrived along with their biggest headline show at Koko in London and The Ritz in Manchester. Their most recent body of work, ‘Big Balloon’ came in 2017 which landed on number 82 on the UK Albums Chart.

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