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March 10, 1980
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Holly Herndon Bio

Holly Herndon is an American musician, composer and singer, based in Germany. She was born in Johnson City, Tennessee, U.S. where she studied composition at prestigious Stanford University and later, a Ph.D. at the Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics. In 2010, one of her compositions “195” earned her the Elizabeth Mills Crothers Award for Best Composer. In 2012, she released her debut album “Movement” through RVNG Intl Records. The album got very positive reviews, scoring 8.1 on Pitchfork and praised by the British culture magazine The Quietus, who stated that Herndon music had influences from Ellen Allien and Aphex Twin among other artists. She has done many high profile collaborations, including her work with Conrad Shawcross presented at the Palais de Tokyo, in France’s capital. Her second album was released in 2015 and her third album “Proto” was out four years later, featuring Mathew Dryhurst and a singing AI that she had developed. Her music is characterized by her experimentation with new technologies and her ethereal voice.

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