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March 12, 1948
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James Taylor Bio

James Taylor, born  James Vernon Taylor on March 12th, 1948 in Boston, Massachusetts is an American singer and songwriter and guitarist. After moving to North Carolina, James learned to play the cello as child and then switched to guitar in 1960.

Taylor started a band with his friends in 1966 called The Flying Bees and soon got a regular nightly gig at the Night Owl Cafe in Greenwich Village. In 1967 he moved to London to try a solo career. After hearing his demo, Paul McCartney signed him to the Beatles label Apple. In 1968 he released his debut solo album called James Taylor. The album commercially successful. In 1970 he released his second album entitled Sweet Baby James. The album broke onto the Billboard charts at number 3. In 1972 James won a Grammy Award for Best Pop Vocal Performance for the song “You’ve Got A Friend.”

James released his fourth album in 1972 called One Man Dog. The single “Don’t Let Me Be Lonely Tonight” peaked at number 14 on the Billboard Hot 100. In 1975 he released another successful album called Gorilla. In 1977 James signed with Columbia Records and released his next album JT. James Taylor released 9 more albums until 2015 and has won 6 Grammy Awards throughout his career.

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