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March 27, 1994
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Kirsten Collins Bio

Kirsten Collins is a Canadian actress, vocalist, and celebrity who was born on March 27th, 1994 in Calgary, Canada. Kirsten was born to Stacey and John Collins. She has two brothers Christian and Crawford who are both social media influencers, and she also has a younger sister Karisma, who is a TikTok star.

Kirsten is a prodigy who was already singing on key when she was 2. By the time she turned 5, she sang her first solo and wrote her first song the next year. When she was 10, she won the Calgary Junior Idol. Kirsten later worked with Grammy producers and writers in the beginning of her teen years and also featured on MC Mario’s hit single Anti-Gravity. One of her most popular original songs is Rainbows from 2018. She is popular on all major social media apps like Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Snapchat.

Kirsten played a major role as an actress in the 2009’s Rust movie, which also featured her original song Could You Imagine. She won the Miss Teen Calgary - World in 2012 and later competed in Miss Teen Canada - World pageant.

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