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Some of the things that Leon Thomas III likes include Animals, Beaches, Beer and Candy and Gum.

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August 1, 1993
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Leon Thomas III Bio

Singer, actor, and record producer Leon Thomas was born in Brooklyn, New York, on August 1, 1993. His fame as an actor is attributed to the numerous roles and appearances he has had on Nickelodeon television series, such as Harper in iCarly and on the short-lived sitcom Just Jordan. In 2010, he was cast as Andre Harris in the series Victorious, which sparked the mixtape he released titled Metro Hearts, whose songs were featured on the Victorious Soundtrack. Leon Thomas later worked with Ariana Grande to write a variety of songs on her album Yours Truly.

Aside from his Nickelodeon appearances, Leon Thomas debuted as a Broadway actor when he was only 10, having held the part of Simba in The Lion King. He was also later cast in The Color Purple on Broadway. In the fall of 2013, Leon Thomas released a song with Wiz Khalifa, entitled “Hello How Are You”, which he followed by his mixtape V1bes.

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