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December 21, 1998
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Lexie Liu Bio

Lexie Liu, known as Lexie Boxin, is a highly acclaimed Chinese singer, rapper, and songwriter celebrated for her captivating performances in pop and electro-pop music genres. She was born in Changsha, Hunan, China, on December 21, 1998.

Her journey in the music industry commenced in 2017 with the debut single "Coco Made Me Do It," a release that marked the inception of a remarkable career. Lexie's rise to fame soared in 2018 when she joined forces with the influential Asian-American collective, 88rising. This pivotal collaboration further solidified her reputation as a rising star in the global music scene. In 2019, she unveiled her inaugural studio project, "2030," a testament to her musical prowess and creativity. Her discography is adorned with chart-topping singles, including "MAGICIAN," "Dance Dance," "FORTUNA," "Manta," "I Wanna Tell U," and "Ganma," reflecting her versatility and originality as an artist. Her albums, "Meta Ego" and "The Happy Star," have resonated with a broad and appreciative audience, solidifying her status as an influential and trailblazing figure in the contemporary music landscape.

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