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March 28, 1991
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Marie-Philip Poulin Bio

Marie-Philip Poulin (born March 28, 1991 in Québec City, Québec, Canada) is a Canadian hockey player.

Poulin was only 11 when she first watched high-level women’s hockey during the 2002 Salt Lake City Games when Canada defeated the United States to earn its first Olympic hockey gold in five decades. That moment marked the birth of a dream: to represent Canada at the Olympics and win the highest recognition possible.

Poulin became the first female hockey player to win Canada’s Athlete of the Year (now called the Northern Star Award) after leading the national team to the Winter Olympics and winning her third gold medal. Nine different male hockey players including Wayne Gretzky, Sidney Crosby and Carey Price have won the award since its inception in 1936.

Poulin won one silver medal from the 2008 World U18 Championships. In 2010, she won two gold Olympic medals in Vancouver. She also won two gold medals in 2014 in Sochi. She was also captain of the team that won silver at the 2018 Olympic Winter Games in PyeongChang. Altogether, as of 2022, Poulin has won 10 World Championships medals in her career - three gold medals, six silver medals, and one bronze.

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