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October 24, 1980
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Monica Bio

One of the most well-known R&B singers of the 1990s, Monica Denise Arnold, known to the world simply as Monica, was born in College Park, Georgia, on October 24, 1980. Her entrance into the world of music began when she was a young girl, as she was very active in the singing group at church. At the young age of 12, Monica was discovered by Dallas Austin, a music producer from the Atlanta area who quickly scooped her up and signed her to his label Rowdy Records. Three years later, Monica released her debut album Miss Thang in 1995, which sold more than three million copies.

Following the popularity of her first album, Monica released her sophomore effort The Boy is Mine in 1998, which featured the title track as a duet with Brandy. The single was nominated for three Grammy Awards , won three Billboard Music Awards, and is one of the Billboard All-Time Hot 100 Top Songs. Though her third album All Eyez on Me was not as successful an endeavor as she wanted it to be when it was released in 2002, Monica forged on and released her fourth album After the Storm in 2003, which has sold more than 1 million copies in the United States alone. After taking a short break, she went on to release The Makings of Me in 2006, Still Standing in 2010, and New Life in 2012.


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