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Nordo Bio

Marwen Nordo, recognized as Nordo or Marwene Jibali, is a prominent Tunisian rapper, songwriter, and actor, celebrated for his contributions to hip-hop and Arabic pop music.

Beginning his musical odyssey in 2018 with the release of his debut single "Bil Kaf," Nordo swiftly captivated audiences with his distinctive blend of hip-hop and Arabic pop influences. His discography reads like a journey through the contemporary Tunisian music landscape, featuring hit singles such as "Ya 3araf," "Ena w Lil," "3arbouch," "GHariba," "FIlamen," "Ya Denya," and "One Love."

Beyond the realm of music, Marwen Nordo has demonstrated his versatility as an actor. His notable contributions to television series like "Ibn Khaldoun" and "El-Foundou," where he shares the screen with acclaimed actors such as Yassine Ben Gamra and Souhir Ben Amara, underscore his ability to excel in multiple artistic domains.

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