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January 5, 1967
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Sophia A. Nelson Bio

Sophia Angeli Nelson, also known as Sophia A. Nelson, is an accomplished award-winning author, journalist, and internationally recognized inspirational speaker. She was born in Munich, Germany, on January 5, 1967.

As a national columnist for esteemed publications like The Washington Post and CNN Opinion, Nelson's insightful commentary extends to her role as a legal and political analyst on prominent media outlets such as CNN, MSNBC, and PBS. She is a familiar face on shows like Morning Joe, the Today show, and Dr. Oz.

Beyond her media presence, Nelson is a distinguished diversity, equity, and inclusion trainer, leveraging her expertise for Fortune 25 and Fortune 100 companies, as well as major global platforms. With four bestselling nonfiction books to her name, including "Black Woman Redefined" and "The Woman Code." Nelson's latest release in June 2022, "Be the One You Need," imparts 21 life lessons drawn from her experiences in self-care amidst caregiving responsibilities.

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