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July 14, 1975
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Tameka Harris Bio

Tameka Dianne ‘Tiny’ Harris (July 14, 1975) is an American singer songwriter who was known as the vocalist for 90s group Xscap3. Cottle co-wrote the TLC hit, ‘No Scrubs’, which received a Grammy award. Cottle started her music career when she joined Xscap3 in 1992. The group was signed to So So Def Recordings, producing three platinum albums; ‘Hummin’ Comin’ at ‘Cha, Off the Hook and Traces of My Lipstick’. Xscap3 were inactive during the early 2000 and Tameka went on to be a reality TV star, starring in the series, Tiny and Toya. In 2010, she married rapper T.I. and have two sons together. In the same year, Wyatts developed a pop-R&B trio called the OMG Girlz, with her daughter Zonnique. Her most recent release, ‘What the F@#k You Gon Do’, in 2014 under her own label, Pretty Hustle.

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