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September 16, 1993
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Tayla Parx Bio

Taylor Monet Parks, better known as Tayla Parx, is an Grammy nominated American songwriter, singer and actress. She was born in Dallas, Texas but is now based in Los Angeles. Tayla is widely known for her impressive and skillful artistry in songwriting, producing hits for notable artists such as Chris Brown (‘Anyway’), Ariana Grande (‘Thank U, Next’), Janelle Monae (‘I Got The Juice’ featuring Pharrell Williams) and Khalid (‘Love Lies featuring Normani) amongst her long list of her co-written collaborations. In between writing for a handful of artists, Tayla pursued her own solo career in 2017 as a singer/songwriter with her EP, ‘Tayla Made’. This was followed by her most recent and first full album release ‘We Need To Talk’ co-released by her under Warner Music Group. ‘I Want You’, the first track off her newest album, has over 5 million plays on Spotify. Tayla’s biggest hit to date is a collaboration with Khalid, ‘Runaway’, with 25 million plays. The young and experienced artist has also been featured on prominent TV shows such as Gilmore Girls, Everybody Hates Chris, Victorious and True Jackson, VP. She is predominantly known for her role as Little Inez Stubbs in 2007’s Hairspray. Tayla is a multi-faceted artist who is widely known in the music industry and is set to go on stage with Taylor Swift and Halsey at Capital One JamFest’s March Madness Music Festival in Atlanta on April 2020.

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