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September 22, 1987
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Tom Felton Bio

Tom Felton in full Thomas Andrew Felton was born on September 22nd, 1987 in Epsom, Surrey, England. Tom was a good singer in his school life as he took part in choirs by the age of seven. He had the opportunity to appear on screen in TV commercials when he turned to eight. Tom also was very interested in sports like soccer, basketball, tennis, swimming and cricket. His unique theatrical passion led him to participate in international commercial campaigns. Tom Felton broke the ground with his role in the “Harry Potter” film series as Draco Malfoy. He was renowned around the world as “Malfoy” which attracted millions of fans. He devoted himself to work more even in between shooting of “Harry Potter”, by taking down the roles in movies like “The Disappeared”, “Night Wolf” and more. Tom made his film debut before the “Harry Potter” movie in “The Borrowers”. It seems that he was always taking villainous characters accordingly to his outer look. Tom Felton has touched the hearts of older and younger generations forever.

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