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November 10, 1968
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Tracy Morgan Bio

Tracy Morgan was born on November 10, 1968 in The Bronx, New York. He made his screen debut for a small regular role on the show Martin in 1994 and played a character known as the Hustle Man. Morgan also became a regular member of the Uptown Comedy Club, a sketch show filmed in Harlem New York which ran for 2 seasons from 1992-1994.

In 1996 Morgan got his big break in showbiz after landing a spot as a cast member of Saturday Night Live and he was a regular on the show until 2003. He then starred in his own sitcom The Tracy Morgan Show that only ran for one season. Morgan has since appeared on SNL a total of 3 times since exiting the show, 2 of which he was granted the honor of hosting the week’s episode.

In another huge turn for his career, Morgan was cast in the hit TV show 30 Rock from 2006-2013. His performance earned him major plaudits and earned him even more pop culture fame, which ultimately culminated in an Emmy nomination at the 2009 Emmy Awards for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series. In 2009 Morgan published an autobiography titled I Am the New Black.

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