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June 26, 1985
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Ulises Bueno Bio

Ulises Bueno (born June 26, 1985, in Cordoba, Argentina) is a distinguished singer who has made a significant mark in the cuarteto music genre. Hailing from Córdoba, Argentina, Ulises's musical journey is characterized by a series of successful releases that have resonated with fans of the genre. Albums such as "Al rojo vivo" (2007), "100% Bueno" (2010), and "En La Piel" (2014) stand as testament to his talent and dedication to his craft.

Throughout his career, Ulises has been recognized and invited to perform at some of Latin America's most prestigious events. Notably, he has graced the stages of the renowned Cosquín Festival and the Villa María Festival. Ulises has been honored with the prestigious Gardel Awards for Best Cuarteto Album, not once but twice, for his albums "En La Piel" and "Creo" (2017).

Ulises has collaborated with other artists, showcasing his versatility and openness to experimentation. One such memorable collaboration was his live performance of the song "Infiel" alongside the talented Dread Mar-I.

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