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August 28, 1989
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César Azpilicueta Bio

César Azpilicueta Tanco, widely recognized as César Azpilicueta, is a distinguished Spanish professional soccer player renowned for his defensive prowess in Europe's top soccer leagues. He was born in Zizur Mayor, Spain, on August 28, 1989.

Azpilicueta began his football journey within the youth ranks of Osasuna Cantera, where his talent and dedication shone. In 2007, Azpilicueta's commitment paid off as he made his professional debut with the senior Osasuna Cantera team, marking the start of an illustrious career. His journey through Europe's footballing landscape saw him don the jerseys of clubs like Marseille, Chelsea, and Atlético Madrid. At Atlético Madrid, Azpilicueta shared the pitch with notable stars like Antoine Griezmann, Jan Oblak, and Álvaro Morata. Additionally, he became a key figure in the Spanish national team since his senior international debut in 2013.

Azpilicueta's career boasts a remarkable list of achievements, including triumphs in the UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League, Premier League, FA Cup, and Coupe de la Ligue.

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